Diane Rosales
Visual Designer
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Diane Rosales is a VISUAL DESIGNER based in the PHILIPPINES. She is passionate about art and design, and has a constant thirst in honing her craft. Her passion in the creative discipline enables her to be dedicated in helping clients achieve their goals.

During leisure, she revels in the creation of other artists in the form of fictional literature, film, and television series. She's secretly a geek in the realm of technology, Middle-Earth and a variety of fandoms.

Diane's 4-YEAR EXPERIENCE in the creative industry have resulted in the completion of 97 PROJECTS from 29 CLIENTS. Most of her works consist of projects in ART DIRECTION, GRAPHIC DESIGN and DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Occasionally, she also does UI/UX DESIGN, MOTION GRAPHICS and OFFLINE VIDEO EDITING. Here are some notable companies and organizations she had the chance to work with.

Wacoal Corporation
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Habitat for Humanity


Presented here are selected works of Diane, from a variety of expertise.

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